Everyone who holds a licence worries that a member of staff may inadvertently serve someone with alcohol or tobacco who is under 18. The law is now extremely strict on this issue and many employers are taking preventative steps to ensure this does not happen to them!

The “two strikes and you you’re out” rule means companies face the threat of huge financial loss if they don’t comply with legislation. Are you sure you staff will ask for ID?

One of the best methods to ensure this is communication through a staff training programme, but training on its own is not always enough. A cashier might not as for ID through embarrassment or to avoid unpleasantness, but this is not an excuse that can be used by the licence holder.

As a national mystery visiting company we have thousands of visitors employed by us and we can LEGALLY carry out checks for you using visitors who are 18 and 19 years old. All of these visitors should be “challenged” for ID before being allowed to purchase alcohol or tobacco, but should they not be, you can rest assured that you have not broken the law.

The benefits of our Challenge 21/25 Programme

Our visitors are all employed by us and vetted for their suitability. Only those legally able to do so will visit your site.

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