Always wondering what your customers truly thought of their experience after they had left?

How it works

Our “Customer Voice” service allows your genuine customers to log on to our website and leave feedback for you to view, following a visit that they have decided to make of their own accord. The cost per visit is negligible and the feedback is instant and direct to you.

Customers can log on and answer a short survey about the service they received from you, the quality of the products you offered them and to give their overall general impression of your business. They will also state whether they would return, based on this visit and whether they will be recommending you to other people!

Who it’s for

This programme is ideal for smaller businesses, particularly those with only one or two premises, who are interested in finding out the customers true views.

It also allows you to offer an incentive to return and the data gathered can be used for promoting your business and making customers aware of special offers/deals.

How “Customer Voice” differs from a mystery visiting programme

Although our “Customer Voice” programme tells you how your customers feel about your service it doesn't provide all the benefits of a mystery–visiting programme. This key differences are that:

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